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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Solutions That Fit Your Project

Our company can help you find the alternative energy solutions that are right for you. Our energy solutions for home projects use a wide range of systems to help you tackle any project from solar power to lower those heating bills.

When it comes to installing an alternative energy, you need a team of experts you can rely on. No matter where you are located we offer system design and installation support throughout Canada and the USA. Our experts have decades of experience in alternative energy, power and heating solutions. We can assist you at virtually every stage, starting with designing the best possible off-grid solution for your situation. 


Our warehouse is located conveniently in North America. No matter where you are in the world, we can work with you to come up with shipping solutions that get our parts to you. We’re committed to ensuring that people have the best possible off-grid power solutions for their needs. If you want to know more about having our products shipped to you, contact us today and our logistics experts will help you get the equipment that you need.

When you start looking for energy solutions for home projects, there are plenty of things to consider. We offer energy solutions for projects of every scale. Whether you are looking to fully retrofit your home with solar and biomass energy solutions or you just want to offset your winter utility bills, we have the gear you are looking for.


Off-grid power supplies for our homes are all about having the freedom to control our energy usage. This is why we utilize different energy solutions for different projects. Whether it’s solar, wind, or biomass, we can help you determine which off-grid power supply is right for your needs.

Connect with our experts to learn more about our services and start working on your off-grid home energy supply today!

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