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Organic Waste Management Solutions…

Organic waste is biodegradable material that comes from plants, humans and  animals. Disposal of organic materials are an ongoing global concern and present a challenge for communities, landfills and waste water treatment facilities.

The valuable components of organic waste are lost when disposed of in typical landfill sites, it cannot be recovered, reused or recycled to restore the health and vitality to soil for future crops or alternatively utilized for renewable energy.

Organics take up precious physical space, the decomposition process releases harmful methane into the environment. Methane is a powerful and central contributor to global climate change.


CompoMass, processes organic waste such as fruit, vegetables, sledge from waste water treatment facilities and much more, turning it into a reusable Biomass substance suitable for soil revitalization or a clean burning alternative fuel for energy/heating equipment.


In 2018, landfills and manure management contributed 27% of the entire global methane emissions. The Earth's atmosphere absorbed nearly 600 million tons of the colorless, odourless gas that is 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat over a 100-year span. Annual methane emissions are up 9 percent, or 50 million tons per year, from the early 2000s, when methane concentrations in the atmosphere were relatively stable.

The Worlds is rapidly transitioning to compostable / biodegradable plastics to replace the non-degradable plastics. The use of biodegradable plastics in many products is enabling the complete recovery of large quantities of municipal waste that was previously unrecoverable and going to landfills.

CompoMass composter provides you with your own onsite organic waste management solution. The ability to reduce and reuse your organic waste that has previously ended up in a landfill. Something you can proudly advertise to your clientele that you are doing your part by “recycling all your organic waste”.

CompoMass processes compostable/biodegradable plastics, fruit, vegetables, paper products, napkins, coffee grinds, table scraps, paper/plastic plates & cutlery, including  wood products* and much more. Providing organic waste solutions for hospitals, hotels/motels, caters, commercial kitchens, perishable goods manufactures, wholesalers and retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, wineries and many more.

CompoMass is an ideal solution for the reduction of organics going to landfill sites. It processes organics creating a dry biomass material that can be used for soil revitalization, fuel for heating/energy production and more.


With three available sizes it provides an alternative solution for businesses of virtually any size.   



Capacity (Maximum)

W x D x H


CompoMass 150

150Lbs (68kg)

52"x 29" x 70"
L x D x H

480Lbs (218Kg)

CompoMass 700

700Lbs (318kg)

166" x 31" x 67"
L x D x H

1600Lbs (725Kg)

CompoMass 1500

1500Lbs (680Kg)

189" x 36" x 72"
L x D x H

2300Lbs (1043Kg)

Average cycle duration 12 - 24 hours

Power requirement : 220V


For additional product information contact:

* larger waste products require shredding or grinding prior to loading

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