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Energy Supply

Financing Your Energy Saving Equipment

Why continue paying for Utilities when you can begin investing in your energy independence today?



​Reduce or eliminate your utility bills by installing a partial or total off-grid energy solution.
We have partnered with a couple of well known finance companies to assist in making the transition to off-grid more affordable.
​Great for landlords & business owners too!






Jocova Financial has a history of helping Canadian businesses secure the equipment they need to grow their business and prosper. Since 2007, Jocova Financial has become known as established equipment financing company dedicated to customer success. We know time and money are important to running a business and our focus is on providing our clients with the best value in the shortest amount of time. We do this utilizing technology, relationships, and our diverse team of professionals who understand the industries and assets of our clients.


 We provide the following:

  • Industry leading rates and programs

  • High approval ratio

  • Financing for new and used equipment

  • Free technology based tools

  • Niche and specialized assets

  • Review clients' creditworthiness vs. solely computer scoring

  • Quick turnaround times on applications and fundings

  • Customized financing options

  • Dealer Incentive programs

  • Commercial equipment financing & leasing and consumer finance offerings

jocova financial.png


Finance It, is a well known finance company that provides financing services for many big box stores and more.

You have a budget. We have a payment plan to match it.

Make your large purchase more affordable by applying for an easy monthly or biweekly payment plan with Financeit. Get pre-approved in seconds!


Complete our application in under 5 minutes, get pre-approved for up to $100,000 within seconds

  • Whether you’d prefer to complete our application in the privacy of your home, or on the go - complete the application anywhere and on your preferred device

  • Customize your monthly or biweekly payment to suit your household’s budget

  • Open Loans - Loans can be partially or fully paid at any time without penalty

  • Once approved, you can access the progress and details of your loan online at any time.

  • The Financeit team is happy to guide and help along your application process should you need a little extra attention.
    Feel free to call us at: 1 888 536 3025

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