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Energy Supply

Pellet & Chip Biomass Boilers - Commercial


  • 1 size available heating up to 12,000 sq ft (500,000++ btu’s)

  • Biomass, allows for multiple fuel options

  • Automated fuel feed system

  • Adjustable heat output

  • 7yd Fuel Bin

  • Commercial/Industrial use

  • Clean burning

  • High efficient using less wood

  • Affordable heating solution

  • Multi-port double pass heat exchanger

  • Power Hydraulic operated system

  • Power Hydraulic lid lift

  • Reliable digital control system

  • Powder coated paint finish

  • 20 Year limited warranty

Innovation and Expertise to Meet Your Heating Needs

Portage & Main Boilers have been manufactured for over 40 years. We continually strive to be the leading innovators in the outdoor boiler business! Our factory is a state of the art facility that employs the latest manufacturing technology – including computer controlled robotic welders and laser cutting equipment.

The Portage & Main range of products include Ultimizer wood and coal models, auto-feed coal/pellet burners, automated wood chip burning systems and a line of EPA approved gasification boilers. 

We lead the way in innovation, quality and efficiency, using time tested and proven designs. We have developed the most efficient heat transfer exchangers available in any outdoor boiler on the market today.


B500 for Commercial/Industrial heating requirements

The B500 provides a longer burn time between fills depending on the fuel being burned and the size of structures being heated the B500 can go a week or more without refilling the 7 yard bin.

Biomass, wood chips, pellets and other available combustible materials makes this boiler a viable choice for many business operations. Wood chips, pellets and many other biomass fuels also generate a higher btu output per cubic meter than cord wood. The adjustable heat output provides the flexibility to increase the heat out put as required by weather or the addition of additional structures. ‘

Multi configuration setup provides the flexibility for virtually any location. The 4 position configuration options, allow for the fuel bin to open from the front or back and be positioned to the left or right of the boiler. Contact us for more details.

Great for large operations, multi buildings, shops, businesses, farms, greenhouses, municipal buildings, apartments, resorts, retirement homes, kilns, commercial hot water and more.



Natural Gas & Propane Boilers

Trinity LX.jpeg


  • Touch screen intuitive display

  • Easy cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Wall hung kit included for Lx200-400

  • High power sizes up to 800 MPH

  • Easy access to the display and internal components

  • Advanced cascade settings

  • Vents in PVC, CPVC or Poly Propylene

LX Series

For light to heavy commercial applications, the Lx is the ideal option, with its easy to clean, high power stainless steel heat exchanger. The Trinity Lx Series boilers are designed for floor standing installation and can be also mounted wall-hung up to 399 MBH. Its easy to access electronic board and well accessible components make it easy service and regular maintenance. Cascade management and other outstanding programming features can be easily controlled by the intuitive touch screen display.

To see the full range of Thermolec's line of Electric Boilers by clicking the link below:

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