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Alternative Energy Solutions

for Home, Business and Play!

Products and Services:

  • Total or partial Off-Grid alternative energy solutions for Home, Cottage, Commercial, Industrial, Outdoor Living and much more.

  • Off-Grid system designs including the merging of power and heating technologies, new construction or renovations.

  • Sanitary or Domestic Hot Water systems small or large use.

  • Greenhouse, Farm / Agricultural, Swimming Pools /Spa Heating alternative heating solutions.

  • District or Community eco-friendly energy saving solutions.

  • Merging of On and Off-Grid technologies

  • Marketplace/Store with a large selection of installation parts and components for, wood boilers, solar power, thermal and hydronic heating and much more..

With today's vast variety of alternative energy technologies and better quality products our team of experts can make your transition to a partial or total Off-Grid lifestyle much easier and more affordable.

New Product Feature

Intelligent automatic tracking of the sun from dawn to dusk for optimal energy efficiency

From furnaces, boilers and power generators we have an Off-Grid solution to reduce your utility costs

Our Services

Solar Power

There is Solar and there is Off-Grid solar power...automatic tracking of the sun during the day....


Whether you require propane, gas or electricity furnaces we have an alternative solution to reduce the operating cost,

Biomass Boilers

The latest in Pellet & Wood chip biomass boilers

Wind Power

Its free, its there..why not use it. By connecting a wind turbine you can power multiple pieces of equipment

Off-Grid Power

Sometimes you just need some power, whether that's for an RV or for that project in the shed..


By using our financing options you can start making savings on your energy bills straight away, 


“Off-Grid Supply has just been a pleasure to do business with and the savings have been amazing.”

Roy in Grindrod


Ready to find out more?

Why receive large utilities bills each month when you can start saving and reducing them with our integrated equipment...lets start slashing your costs today...

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