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New Product Evaluation…

You have a product you would like offer on Off-Grid Supply?


We are not just another market place.


Off-Grid Supply clients count on us for offering them products that meet our higher level of quality and expectation.


We call the program BSL.


Built:  Better, Stronger, and lasts Longer


* Built of better quality for longevity and reliability

* Backed by a good warranty and reputable manufacturer.

* Good value to quality ratio


This vision supports our goal to help protect the environment by reducing:


* the filling of landfill sites

* the depletion of natures materials

* energy used to deliver products

* liquid and other waste materials and carbon gases being released into the environment from the manufacturing process


If you have a product that you would like to offer on Off-Grid Supply, please contact us with your product information.



Call: 250-547-7971


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