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Energy Supply

Solar Heat -

A New Generation

Automatic tracking of the sun during the day ensures optimal energy performance

Can be daisy chained for Commercial and Industrial use


If you hear the word Solar and think of how disappointing that last set of Solar Garden lights were, do not be discouraged, Off Grid equipment has come a long way!

The new expanding generation of Solar equipment is becoming not only more efficient and reliable the prices are becoming more realistic too. Regardles, prices are great and the quality is amazing! Solar panels with 25 year performance warranties, batteries with 7 year warranties, concentrated Solar water heaters, low power LED lighting and high efficiency Appliances for our homes and businesses, reducing the amount of energy we require, makes it a much more viable solution to step off the grid.

Off-Grid and our technology partner TCT RED are delighted to offer our customers the latest in solar heating / cooling power.

TCT RED is an intelligent solar dish that concentrates sunlight and transforms it into heat energy, (hot water) for low heat (<100C) and medium heat (<250C) applications. The hot water can be used for heating homes, buildings, commercial, agricultural operations, food processing, sanitary/domestic hot water and much more. Capacities are only limited by the number of dishes installed. Each dish can produce up to 9000 liters of hot water  per day. 

(based on the installation location).

Thanks to the revolutionary solar concentrator design, TCT RED achieves a much lower payback period, compared to other current thermal energy systems.


Supplement your existing heat generating system, drastically saving in energy costs.

Key applications are industrial heat processes (textile, food, petroleum-chemical, cleaning and sterilization) and residential heating (hot water, heating/cooling).

These unique applications make TCT RED the smart renewables investment that offers:

- 360 solar tracking: for optimal solar exposure

- Concentrating system: offers high efficiency regardless of external/internal temperature

- Installation convenience: needs up to 1/4 of the space that flat panel collectors require, and no cherry-picker or crane needed

- Versatlity: produces temperatures unattainable by comparable, similar-priced systems

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Off-Grid Supply is the Canadian Sole Distributor for TCT Red

Solar Panels

If you are looking for the latest in solar panels we also stock a full range of those too.

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