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Energy Supply

The Ultimizer Wood Series

The Ultimizer wood series is the product of more than 45 years of research and development that has earned Portage & Main Outdoor Boilers the reputation as an industry leader. 

Four sizes available, heating from under 2,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft, producing up to 500,000+ btu.

Fuel type: logs / cord wood, 

Built with a heavy duty refractory brick lined fire-pot that maintains a hot coal bed, the Ultimizer has the ability to burn somewhat less than ideal fuel of inconsistent sizes and moisture content. The Ultimizer is ideal for agricultural, farms, greenhouses, residential and commercial applications. The Ultimizer can be connected to virtually any existing or new forced air or hydronic radiant heating system. Heat your home, domestic/sanitary hot water, out buildings, hot tub, swimming pool, and more.


  • Higher temperatures make complete combustion possible

  • A cleaner and more efficient burn

  • Eliminates creosote, moisture and their damaging effects

  • A dryer, longer-lasting outdoor boiler

  • Clean burning efficiency without the extra cost of an EPA gasification boiler

  • A smarter design means smarter combustion

Portage and Main, building higher quality since 1973

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BL25-35 Pad Dimensions
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