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Wind Power

Its time to switch to wind energy, generate your own electricity, and see a magical reduction in your monthly power bills.
By using wind energy, a free energy source, you'll also make the world better place by cutting down on the pollution that goes into the atmosphere by up to 2 tons.

Can a Wind Turbine Power a House?

If you wish to go gain energy independence (go completely off-grid), you might be wondering if a typical home windmill can power your entire home.

To answer this question, you’ll first need to understand the average power consumption for a typical American household with modern appliances.

The average household is: Approx. 10,932kWh of electric every year, which translates to around 911 kWh each month.

And this means you’ll need a wind residential wind generator with a minimum threshold of 5kW to 15kW for you to go completely off-grid.

To be honest with you, most of the home turbines available at the market don’t come close to meeting this power output threshold.

So, how do you go off-grid?

The SECRET involves maximizing energy production. And you can do this by using your wind turbine in conjunction with Off-Grid's other energy saving solutions.

You can use our turbines alongside a different power source, say our solar electric system. In other words, you’ll be creating a hybrid power system—where the solar dishes absorb sun rays during the day while the windmill tap into the evening wind gusts.

Mind you; hybrid power system can reliably power your home, farm, and even an entire community without relying on the electricity power.