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“Taking you closer to total energy independence!”We specialize in providing the latest proven Alternative Energy Solutions. We utilize clean energy, low or no carbon technologies when and wherever it makes economical sense.  Our clients are Commercial, Industrial and Residential, seeking cost saving alternatives to Space Heating, Sanitary, Domestic Hot Water, Power and more…Our expertise is utilizing and merging a variety of technologies like Indoor and Outdoor Wood, Biomass Pellet Boilers with Solar Thermal (Heat), Solar Power and backup systems. Our design team are industry professionals and work together to provide you with a seamless solution for your project.  Whether your project is brand new construction, renovating or retrofitting an existing application, we can provide you with realistic alternative energy solutions.


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Solar Energy
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Solar Energy

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Our core is Alternative Energy Solutions for every application.  Total, or partial Off-grid, Space heating, Sanitary Hot water, Power and more.
Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Q: What is new in solar energy?

A: Just about everything, that's right! Solar energy technology is rapidly evolving around the world and Off-Grid Supply is at the front of the line when it comes to new technologies.


Off-Grid is far more than just another solar panel and inverter retailer. Many of the alternative energy products we carry are new to North America, with a proven history for efficiency and reliability abroad.


We utilize solar energy for power, cooling, space heating, domestic or sanitary hot water systems. We also have equipment that stores not just power but also heat for periods when solar collection is not available. The solar storage units have the ability to top up from a variety of other energy sources.


Looking for a total or partial energy solution for your project?




Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of modern wood heating.

Off-Grid Supply is a trusted provider of Alternative Energy Solutions for virtually any requirement. Wood or Biomass of various substances in chip or pelletized form are often one component of a total or partial Off-Grid home, commercial or agricultural operation.  

Why Wood Heat?

Canada is home to the world's largest sustainable forest -- we have more wood energy per capita than any other country. Using modern wood heating systems is clean, can reduce heating costs and is a more sustainable fuel source than fossil fuels.

By using the latest technology our modern highly efficient wood heating boilers offer a renewable alternative to more expensive options like oil, propane and geothermal.

Simply put, modern wood heating systems are the smart choice:

  • Wood heating is affordable and good for the economy.

  • Modern wood heat is clean, low-carbon technology.

  • Off-Grid systems are professionally installed and easy-to-use.




Integrated Savings!

From heat through power, Off-Grid Supply has a variety of solutions that we utilize that can drastically reduce your heating or utility costs with an impressive quick return on your investment.

Whether your desire is for a total or a partial off-grid solution. We analyze every project and determine how and what is required to operate efficiently with the introduction of alternative energy solutions.


You are then presented with a summary of options and cost to review. You may want to introduce the changes in stages, we can often accommodate that approach. Most upgrades also qualify for home or business improvement loans through one of our lenders.


Our clients are agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential  new construction and renovation projects.  


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